Frequently asked questions

Q. What does Aggregate Partners LLP do?

Aggregate Partners LLP provides construction services. It contracts with companies and individual self-employed subcontractors and in doing so separates its clients from the legal and tax risks that would otherwise be borne by them. 

Q. How can my company trust you with its money?

Aggregate Partners LLP is a HMRC gross status registered company and as such must comply with all the obligations that apply.

Its directors and partners must comply with all the regulations as individuals as well as for the company. Aggregate Partners LLP maintains an unblemished financial record and the highest level of trust by its clients.

Q. Have the amendments to s44 ITEPA made using CIS impossible?

Not at all - but the compliance environment is much more challenging. Aggregate Partners LLP has a unique set of compliance measures, developed in consultation with Legal, Tax, Contract and Insurance experts.

Q. What if things go wrong am I covered?

Yes you are covered by our insurance policy against losses, fees and penalties as a result of a Section 44 or Status inquiry carried out by HMRC - the benefit of this policy will be extended to you at no additional cost to you or the self-employed subcontractor worker. Cover is arranged with a leading insurer, Markel International Insurance Company Limited one of the world's largest commercial insurance companies. So you can sleep easy knowing in the unlikely event a ruling goes against us (It never has yet) you are completely covered. 

Q. I get tax deducted through CIS. Do I still need to complete a tax return?

Yes! CIS applies to the self-employed, who have to fill in a tax return every year. You may want to use an accountant to help with this process, we can refer you to one of our expert partners - we do accounting, experts in tax returns for the construction industry. wedo accounting will establish if you are due a tax refund and get that for you.

Q. What happens if I am investigated?

Sometimes claims arise – it is simply a hazard of doing business in the modern world. Our in-house legal team, together with external legal advisors, deal with every aspect of a policy covered HMRC investigation.