Frequently asked questions

Q. HMRC Investigations Insurance Cover

All subcontractors with a contract for services between them and Aggregate Partners LLP have our HMRC investigations insurance policy extended to cover any incident of investigation by the HMRC in regards to CIS, Tax and 'false self-employment', where it pertains to earnings received when working self-employed on a contract with Aggregate Partners LLP. 

Q. Is self-employment for me?

Self-employment is not for everyone and there are many responsibilities that come with self-employment. It is advisable that you carefully consider your decision to become (or continue to provide services as) a self-employed operative.

For example, you will not be entitled to employment benefits or statutory employment rights, such as holiday pay or sickness pay. Self-employment often offers enhanced pay rates, flexible working arrangements and tax benefits and you are your own boss. Aggregate Partners LLP is only suitable for those who are genuinely self-employed. If you are in any doubt about self-employment, or any other aspect of working for yourself, please do not proceed with your application to join Aggregate Partners LLP. 

Q. Do I receive holiday pay?

No. Self-employed people do not enjoy statutory employment rights, such as holiday pay. As a self-employed operative you must take responsibility for setting aside sufficient funds for holidays. 

Q. Do I need to pay National Insurance?

Yes. As a self-employed operative you must take responsibility for paying your Class 2 National Insurance contributions – failure to do so could result in HM Revenue & Customs imposing fines. You can make these payments monthly or quarterly. To find out more contact HM Revenue & Customs’ Self-Employed helpline on 0845 915 4655.

Q. How do I keep track of my tax payments?

Each week we will issue you with a payment and deductions statement. This contains important information that you will need for your tax return so please keep your statements somewhere safe.

Q. Can I claim expenses?

Yes. Self-employed people can claim business expenses and you would need to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return at the end of each financial year. It is advisable to engage the services of an accountant when doing so. Some operatives receive tax rebates from HM Revenue & Customs when in their tax returns it is calculated they have overpaid tax during the year. It is important to remember to keep your receipts for at least six years in the event that HM Revenue & Customs wishes to review your tax return.

Q. How will I get notified when I am paid?

We will text you, confirming your net payment (after CIS tax deductions) as soon as funds have been sent by Aggregate Partners LLP to your designated bank account. Please remember that some accounts, especially building societies, do not always allow monies to clear immediately. If it is very important that you receive monies instantly, you should open an account with a reliable bank with a proven track record of instantly crediting accounts with incoming receipts.

Q. How much will I get paid?

We will contact HM Revenue & Customs and verify your CIS tax status. This tells us what tax rate is applicable to you as an individual tax payer under CIS. Most of the subcontract operatives we work with experience tax deductions made at the rate of 20%. In certain circumstances CIS operatives will be verified for 0% (gross) deductions. If HM Revenue & Customs cannot match your details under CIS, then tax deductions will be made at the level of 30% and any tax overpayment you may have made will be balanced out at the end of the year when you submit your tax return.

Q. When will I get paid?

Any payment due will be in your account on the designated payment day. 

Q. If my project finishes or I am no longer needed on site, do I get redundancy pay?

No. Redundancy is an employment-related concept and does not apply to self-employment. Whilst self-employment offers the ability to move freely from job to job and site to site, working for a variety of different contractors, you do not receive payment when you are not working, if for example when no work is available. Self-employed people are responsible for their continued income and for ensuring it meets their lifestyle needs.

Q. Who am I working for?

Self-employed people work for themselves. Working with Aggregate Partners LLP you will make your own decision to engage in a contract for the provision of your service. As a matter of engagement, your contract for services is with Aggregate Partners LLP.

This means that you are providing your services to us and we will in turn pay you for those services. We are contracted by our clients to provide a range of services that go towards the completion of their construction projects.

The services we buy from you are a contribution to our obligation to fulfil the services we are contracted to deliver to our client on their projects. You will be a subcontractor for us on our client's projects. Each assignment or project which you undertake will have its own details, such as the end-user of the services (our client), the site location or the rate of pay. However, the terms of your contract for services with Aggregate Partners LLP remain the same. You can end the contract for services at any time without penalty.

Q. Do I need to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

If you have income from self-employment, you are required by law to file an Income Tax Return with HM Revenue & Customs a self - assessment tax return on or before 31 January each year. The total amount of tax due is calculated after you claim your expenses and allowances. The “on account” tax payments (normally 20%) you make each week through CIS are set-off against the amount of tax due on your total income for the year. The net position could be positive - you have additional tax to pay or negative - you have paid too much tax and are owed a rebate.