Is this like you?

Alan runs a successful groundworks company here, he talks about what it takes.

'Winning work is not hard, We have a good reputation in the industry so get plenty of offers of work, what is hard is finding good men, men that know what they are doing, can be trusted and can be relied upon. We are talking about CIS - self-employed workers who know what the game is, it's about getting the job done.'

We have dug our clients out of a hole many times, which means pulling out all the stops to do it. Often working silly hours and moving men from other sites or other tasks to get the job done, that’s contracting that’s what you need to do to be successful in this industry, that’s what clients remember.

So, finding good men that’s the hardest part and that’s what takes time. Some of my men have been with me for years and to get good men you have to pay well,  I pay good hourly rates to keep them, it works both ways, pay well, treat them well and they generally they do a good job and are reliable.’